outfits of wow

What will I do here besides just rambling on about clothing?

I enjoy the color red, so today I chose to wear my red long-sleeved shirt with black pants. While meeting with my friends in the school?s Student center, I noticed two of them were also wearing long-sleeved shirts, the colors yellow and green and long black pants. The three of us found it rather interesting when someone asked us why we were dressed like a stop light.

A stop light? Not some kind of alien but a stop light? Yeah, buddy.

We were then asked if we had done it on purpose.

No. We all just happened to wear our favorite colors that day.

However, we did take this opportunity to pose for a photo. Julia stood up straight in here green shirt, with Brandon in his yellow shirt crouched down and myself on my knees in the red shirt. Snap?snap?and you have got a human stop light.

Me, QuickBooks, and Excel. Yeah, right!

At work, I have to help the accounting department and they decided I should take a QuickBooks class and training program. It was fun, actually.

They said that if I did well enough, I could go to the QuickBooks training course in the city. Since I had already used the that Microsoft Excel program that I was keeping for a rainy day, I didn’t get the QuickBooks program.

friend moves

It’s hard to say good-bye to a good friend and it’s great when you don’t have to.

Today was the day Kyle was to move the Mississippi with his family. He didn’t want to go and probably wouldn’t have to being an adult now, but his mother wanted them to be a family together or he would be cut off. The things you can force on someone when money is involved.

For his last night, Kyle had stayed over at our friend Bianca’s house to help install their new heater so then she would drop him off at the airport. Bianca and her sister Jasmin invited me to come along with them on the trip.

First we were to travel to Kyle’s grandparent’s home so he could pick up some of his stuff. It was a long trip in which we sang along with the radio and cried. It was our fault for listening to sad songs along the way.

We finally got to our destination and Kyle went in the house to see what was going on. We stayed and waited in the car.

I didn’t want to say good-bye. I didn’t want my Kyle, my best friend since high school, to leave.

Of course, we all must get on with our lives, even if that meant moving away. I just didn’t like that he was being forced to do so.

After a moment, Kyle and his mom came out yelling at one another. Apparently she had wanted Kyle to drive to the airport with them. She did not want us to go with them to say good-bye.

There was a confrontation outside on whether Bianca, Jasmin or I were going to the airport or if this was the place to say our final good-byes. After several minutes, Kyle stormed into the house with his radar detector in his hand and his mom behind him, just to come storming back out with his bags in his hands. He threw them into the trunk of Bianca’s car, got into the passenger seat and yelled that he’s not going with them.

Then we took off.

I don’t know whether I should feel bad for Kyle’s family, but I was feeling great.